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Welcome to San Francisco


The Seattle Sounders signed 18-year old Xander Bailey to a professional contract, who also started against Premier League side Tottenham Hotspurs. Bailey has cystic fibrosis, but trained with the team prior to the match, kicked off the match alongside his hero, USA captain Clint Dempsey, and recorded a shot on goal for the Sounders behind an incredible crowd.

This is what football is about.


Mercury Power, Make Up! | 1992 // 2014

"Why does my heart beat so fast when I see him?”



It wasn’t an insult; it’s just how they communicate.

#like really you don’t need to ship them to appreciate what a fantastic relationship this is  #because these two characters are both desperately looking for a friend or just someone they can trust in this shit situation  #sansa…poor sansa never really hated tyrion  #she was always terrified of him and terrified that she was being tricked  #she had no insight into what he was really thinking  #all she had to go on was that he was a lannister and lannisters killed her family  #but when she reflected on him she always noted that he was kind  #she wasn’t attracted to him but  #she certainly didn’t want to see him suffer or die  #because sansa’s wrath is reserved for the people she knows without certainly to be evil  #thats who sansa stark is  #and tyrion jesus christ  #have you read asos  #nobody stans sansa like tyrion  #he risked his safety to stop her abuse at joffery’s hands  #something that nipped him in the butt at his trial  #he reflects constantly on how smart and capable sansa is  #how she would make a good queen  #how joffery is stupid to have not seen her potential  #the ONLY PERSON in the court who fears sansa is tyrion  #the only person in that damn city who gives sansa her dues is tyrion  #he knows she isn’t a brainless  #powerless little girl  #he knows whats going on in her head  #and the thing about these two is both of them are bound to silence to protect themselves  #they can never speak their mind or express their true feelings because it will cost them everything  #so even though they could have been friends and they could have accomplished so much together  #their inability to communicate and their fear of each other prohibited that  #could you imagine what these two could accomplish together?  #what a fantastic dynamic 

You’re naive. Welcome to politics.


Louis Vuitton S/S 2008


Louis Vuitton S/S 2008

Kacy Catanzaro: the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

EDIT: Thanks to this anon, I’ve been informed that Ayako Miyake was the first woman to qualify and finish the Female Japanese Ninja Warrior three times. While it’s not the same course, she’s another equally incredible woman performing a difficult feat.

EDIT 2: Thanks tomminorsetbackk, I’ve also been told that Chie Tanabe completed the first stage in Sasuke and attempted the second.  

2 collections and 10 haute couture designers: zuhair murad (1)